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Hydrogen R&D Centre


Our innovative approach is based on Modular design and implementation which can generate revenue (payback) by utilising the produced Hydrogen (main product) while, waiting for the Fuel cell (FCEV) cars and trucks (Murdoch Uni. Fleet or externals) to show up. The start-up project will be a small module with the possibility to expand when needed. This modular approach keeps the capital investment at a minimum and should pay back even if no FCEV shows up in the near future.

The sources of revenue are: -

• Power generated by the fuel cell.

• Hydrogen and Oxygen direct sell to the market.

• Green energy value injection into the gas network.

• Hydrogen Refuelling Station.

• R&D Centre hiring for other Universities and industrial researchers.

Hydrogen Highway WA Australia


 Collaborating with Innovate Australia

The prospect of Hydrogen Economy generates a lot of questions. Will hydrogen reduce the cost of transport? Will it help Australia to achieve fuel security, reduce dependence on overseas suppliers, and dramatically lower Australian transport industries carbon footprint?

What role can Hydrogen Society of Australia's Hydrogen Highway project for heavy transport, consisting of a network of hydrogen refilling stations for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) along National Highway 95, play in helping Australia to become the leader in hydrogen heavy haulage?
What needs to come first, hydrogen infrastructure of hydrogen trucks? Can we do both simultaneously? Are there any other innovative solutions?

Hydrogen-Based Energy - Regional WA


Energy-Water Autarky Settlements



 Introducing green Hydrogen (100% renewable energy with zero emissions) to energize the Australian Biome project in Perth, as well as connecting energy with water and food in nexus way of thinking.  . The focus of Australian Biome Project will be a strong indigenous component, to demonstrate traditional ways of living, bush food, medicines, art and cultural expression and linking past with present and future through a range of galleries and virtual reality theatres.   

Hydrogen Economy model


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